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The preparation of the Renewal Project has started ready for when we move to the church hall on the 17th until the work is complete in January. Take a look at the photos from Saturday and read the update for

More details below.

The work of renewing our church building is due to start on 25th September having raised over £145,000! This is something to give thanks for—a miracle of provision that testifies to God at work in our midst.

Initial work will start in the next few weeks to improve the porch entrance with a new door, redecoration and lighting. The existing heating system will be removed and later replaced with a modern gas boiler and radiator system. The floor through the nave and chancel will be levelled with new oak flooring and the pews replaced with chairs. The oak in the chancel will be retained round the sides and in leaders desks. A new altar table and lectern will be installed as well as a fresh audio-visual system. The reredos will be lowered and moved back to create more space in the chancel.

There are still things in the original plans that will need to be done (e.g. repointing walls and new electrics and lighting) but we will see a more adaptable, warm and comfy space that can be better used for a variety of services and events in the community.

We will be using the Church Hall for worship from Sunday 17th September, having cleaned out the church on last Saturdays & 16th Sept. The work should be finished before Christmas but the first services will be on 7th January and there will be a 10.30 Dedication service with Bishop Tony on 14th January.

Thank you so much for all you have contributed. Let us continue to pray as the work is done and commit ourselves to renewing our lives with Jesus in all we do.


If you could spare some time to answer a couple of questions, it will help get an idea of what the buildings in the village are used for and what they could be used for in the future. You may like some more details on The Renewal Project take a look here…

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