There has been a place of Christian worship in Trowell, Nottinghamshire, from soon after 800AD. The present building dates back to 1180 and it has been regularly developed in the centuries since then. As a church community we seek to follow Jesus as enabled by the Holy Spirit and in community. This involves being a place where we can pray, grow, love and serve others. We have been transformed over the years through movements of spiritual renewal and are seeking to ensure this renewal continues in our lives of faith and service to the wider community. St Helen’s building is prominant as the “church on the corner” which many people know if only as they drive past. It has also been at the heart of local community life and the call to renewal is one that affects us personally, as communities and in places where we meet together. As it stands St Helen’s building is designed to serve Sunday services, weddings and funerals but remains unused most of the week. A weekly “Wednesday church” has grown in recent years and shown the value of St Helen’s as a place of meeting, community, support and faith. The renewal project aims to re-order St Helen’s to provide a more usuable, adaptable and welcoming place that will help the renewal of community. It also seeks to sensitively retain and enhance the historical heritage even as some fittings are changed.


Andy-1-7  Andy Lord, Rector